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The result of leaving a Florida party at 7 in the morning with a smile on your face after listening to DJ Chang all night long.
Q: What did you do last night?

A: Went to a party last night and was Chang Banged.
by Florida Music Rocks February 10, 2010
7 6
To be stood up. Particularly by a asian dude.
You got chang banged by Jonathon?
by bpear March 03, 2007
70 19
Barhopping or picking up hookers in Changwon, South Korea. Usually done by U.S. Navy personnel stationed in Chinhae.
Dude, we just went Changbanging, and Bill just fucked a 50 year old hooker!
by Ugly Ginger January 09, 2011
1 2
A group of 3 or more people of asian decent engaging in sexual intercourse
Damn dude, last night i just had a chang bang with those 4 hot asian cheerleaders!
by 50 tyson February 08, 2011
0 2
raping an asian person in the butthole or ?vajayjay?
lets go changbang ming ching ling
by Daniel A. Gibbs February 10, 2008
4 8
to be raped by a crowd of horny asians.
Holy shit! I just got chang banged!
by Griff May 07, 2005
24 37
Having sex with an asian chick.
Brian don't do chang bang.
by Wu Shen June 01, 2005
6 24