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a name meaning moon african princess, one of the weirdest yet coolest people you will ever meet, not afraid to act like a freak in public
"Did you see that chandre at the party last night?"
'Yeah she was dancing on the tables and everything. . . What a freak!"
by lcpeyt84 July 04, 2011
Name meaning moon African princess! A beautiful girl. A girl who is honest and kind. She is filled with enthusiasm and optimism! She is artistic and creative. Very independent and says what is on her mind. A Chandre is sweet and sometimes reserved, but mostly the life of the party! She can light up a room with her presence although she can be stubborn. She is very diligent and motivated. Can sometimes overreact to situations. If you have a Chandre in your life, you are truly blessed. Never let her go because she is a true princess!
A guy: Damn.....she's all that!
Friend: Ya she's an Chandre, alright!
by bbmt October 24, 2013
she says out loud what everyone else is thinking, cus she doesnt care about what other people think of her. normally has long, blonde and curly hair, and smiles all the time. she is a bit of a flirt but is always there for her friends. she can always keep a secret and make you feel awesome on your worst days.
girl; ' woa, im really down today'

boy; ' meh, just go to Chandré, shes sure to put a smile on your face'
by flirty09 October 11, 2013
A woman with a very big penis.
You are a total chandre.
by flakey99 January 14, 2011
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