-great soccer player
-amazing percussionist
-hot hot hot
-dirty blonde
-super funny
-super sweet
"You know that guy in science"


"Well, he's a Chandler"
by catsup.girl April 26, 2013
Awesome, pretty, funny, cute girl. Who is your first choice but you keep coming back to them. You like to kiss them!
Hey you're pretty Chandler

by judgejudy789 June 09, 2013
Chandler is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has mesmerizing green eyes that can shimmer and dance in light. Men have lost themselves in those eyes almost falling over as they talked to about mundane things such as the weather. She has fair complexion that can turn red easily. She doesn't like this aspect of herself but little does she know this is one of her best features. She can be given the slightest compliment and her face flush with a rosy blush. She can get people to open up about things they have hidden even from themselves. She is the most fascinating person in the world.
As I spot Chandler across a crowded room my heart begins to flutter and skips a beat.
by NSSA December 24, 2013
The one person who would never leave you for anyone because he will love you no matter what. He is the cutest person ever and will tell you how beautiful you are everyday. He will always cuddle you and want to be near you. He is the best boyfriend someone could ask for. You'll never want to leave him because he is the perfect boyfriend and you will fall in love with him instantly.
wow, you must have a real Chandler!
by thatonepersonthatlikes30stm July 23, 2014
a guy that has a giant dick and is good at sex, normally not your first choice in a guy but once you have him you cannot get enough of him.
so for you guys watch your girl if she is talking to a guy name chandler, because 9 times out 10 he is beating that pussy up and sending her home to you with a great attitude
by og 5 6 May 02, 2014
Chandler is probably the most amazing guy you will ever meet. Chandler is the sexiest, Sweetest, nicest, guy ever! I could go on and on! He is also an amazing kisser!;) chandler has the best personality is the whole world! I don't know what I would do without my chandler! Chandler also love to eat at chick fila and go to the beach!
Chandler knows how to please and girl and make her smile ! I love you chandler!
by Ilovechandler November 19, 2014
Chandler is so super sweet, funny, smart, handsome, sexy, and super super hot. He is probably the cutest boy you will ever meet, and he is so attractive. If you ever date him you are the luckiest girl in the world!
"I want to date him!"
"Too bad Chandler is mine!!!"
by mustachepersonnnnnnn March 06, 2013

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