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A job that is known little by the general public outside said profession, although varies on importance/value to society. This is referring to Chandler Bing from the TV Show Friends, who's no one knew the job title or description was; rather the company said employee works for. A Chandler Job often prospers in the Corperate and Buisness Worlds.
Jane: I am a Nurse Practitioner working at the local Hospital in the Emergancy Department.
John: Thats intersting! I am a IT Buisness Consultant at Intel.
Jane: That is SUCH a Chandler Job!


James: What does your older brother do?
Jack: He works at Intel.
James: What position at Intel?
Jack: Ummm?
James: A Chandler Job I am guessing.

Joey: What is Chandler Bings Job?
Rachel: A umm, Transponster!
Monica: Thats not even a word!
by thecoolcanadian August 12, 2010
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