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A job that is known little by the general public outside said profession, although varies on importance/value to society. This is referring to Chandler Bing from the TV Show Friends, who's no one knew the job title or description was; rather the company said employee works for. A Chandler Job often prospers in the Corperate and Buisness Worlds.
Jane: I am a Nurse Practitioner working at the local Hospital in the Emergancy Department.
John: Thats intersting! I am a IT Buisness Consultant at Intel.
Jane: That is SUCH a Chandler Job!


James: What does your older brother do?
Jack: He works at Intel.
James: What position at Intel?
Jack: Ummm?
James: A Chandler Job I am guessing.

Joey: What is Chandler Bings Job?
Rachel: A umm, Transponster!
Monica: Thats not even a word!
by thecoolcanadian August 12, 2010
One, who is often classified as a (see Video Game Nerd), yet is a big enough loser to obsess over iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch appstore Apps rather then actual Video Games.
Ben: Hey Mike, after skipping Anthro to play it in the bathroom, I now have 12 hours on Rat on a Scooter.
Mike: Seriously bro? You are SUCH an iNoob!
by thecoolcanadian November 07, 2010
Contrary to the term "Grain of Salt," a grain of lots wife refers to the story of Sodom and Gamorah in the Torah, where Lot's wife looks back onto Sodom and Gamorah thus turning her to a pillar of salt.
Jim: Well I can safely say I believe in God and Evoloution at the same time.
John: Well what of creationism? Must the Bible be literal?!
Jim: I believe in that too, just as long as taken with a Grain of Lot's Wife.
John: Nya-ha! I c wat u did der!
by thecoolcanadian November 24, 2010
A store, similar to Abercrombie that uses style as an excuse for lack of quality.
John: Hey man, why does your shirt look like you bought it from Value Village?
James: Stfu man, I bought it from Hollister, dont you know anything about style!
by thecoolcanadian July 07, 2011
To acknowledge that you and another individual whom you happen to be in contact with, at that place and time, are wearing brand name clothing from the exact same brand.
Tim: Thats a cool Hollister shirt Cole, where did you get it?
Cole: Same place you got yours you preppy douche-nugget.
Tim: Haha man, we are TOTALLY branding!
by thecoolcanadian March 28, 2011
Noun: Someone who can claim to be a "good driver" when they are really just a stuck-up pussy who thinks its wrong to go 10 over the limit.
Bill: You are too much of a pussy to overtake someone on highway, you are a shitty driver

Travis: I'm not a shitty driver I'm a defensive driver. Look it up sometime.

Bill: Wow, shut the fuck travis, just shut the fuck up right now!
by thecoolcanadian August 21, 2011
A proffessor or teacher who assigns a rather easy assignment, such as an Essay or even a Test, and attempts to compensate by marking terribly as to give out a low mark to said student who completed the assignment.
Zack: What did you write down when it asked for "Define Gene,"
Tim: IDK, Ms. K hates me so I am going to get a shit mark on that question anyway.
Zack: Yea she is SUCH a bitch marker.

Fred: I love Ms. Hendren, despite our unsually hard test she marks it amazingly easy.
Tim: Wow, she is the opposite of a bitch marker.
by thecoolcanadian January 24, 2011

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