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It is a flowery, flowing mid calf length top, which often is worn by women on the older community. Warrington is one of the many places that one of these chamïsè, can be viewed, bought and photographed. It is a high range product for those of the upper class such as wuthering heights and heathcliff, can also be used to carry shopping to the car as it alternates as a handbag. The variety of colours and patterns are very versatile and can sharpen any look! It is a must have price of clothing for the upcoming season! Fashion tip: wear with 3quartwr leggings and Sandals in summer.
"Wow Lizzi's mum is rocking that chamïse"

"Darling we are going to the shop, make sure you have your Chamïse at the ready for out edible products"

"I leant rachael my CHAMÏSE and she hasn't given me it back"
by HAHAHAHAH January 15, 2015
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common slang for "rat"
"have you been to that crack den? its just crawling with chamise's"
by Benbobalingdong March 24, 2009

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