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Arse/buttocks. From the Sri Lankan fast bowler cricketer Chaminda Vaas, which rhymes with arse. Australian slang.
The ball got him right in the chaminda! - Ian Healy

Damn, look at that chaminda.
by fagmobile June 24, 2013
Originated in Sri Lanka, and only used among the Sinhalese. Sinhalese are an indo aryan group of people different from the current day Indians and their curry and rotten Gooseberry oil smells...They are genetically closer to Europeans and geographic isolation and climatic influences has made them look like Indians. However Sinhalese only eat truck loads of chillies with minimal smelly spices.....and take a shower twice a day making them NOT smell like Indians...Such a big relief in that part...

Chaminda means the one who expands the light of wisdom in old Hela language.....The one who bring balance to the darkness and light.....
Chick1: Hey...that guy's name is Chaminda....
Chick2: Oh...Then he is a Sri Lankan. And he doesn't smell curry......
by FallenV February 04, 2010
A slang term for vagina, for cricketers in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney
Look there at that fresh chaminda
by nzt11 January 28, 2011
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