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A fandom characterized by the relationship of Allison Cameron and Robert Chase on the television series House MD, played by Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer.

This ship has gone through a lot over the series thus far. The fandom first began when Cameron gave Chase a "sex can kill you" speech in the third episode, but the threat of the dreadful Hameron gave shippers very little hope until the meth!sex scene in the episode Hunting. Over the next season or so, little comments and interactions kept the fans hopeful something would eventually spark.

Finally, at end of the episode Insensitive, Cameron and Chase embark on a "friends-with-benefits" relationship in which they have sex anywhere from the sleep lab to the janitors closet to a patient's house. The relationship ends when Chase voices that he wants more but Cameron says that she doesn't. Chase is still convinced that she actually does have feelings for him and gives her "not-stolen" flowers and continuously asks her out every Tuesday, using the phrase "It's Tuesday, I like you", and faces rejection week after week. When Chase gets fired in the season 3 finale episode Human Error, Cameron resigns and comes to his doorstep to tell him "It's Tuesday." Chase corrects her that it's Monday to which she says she didn't feel like waiting and they share a kiss.

During season 4, we see very little of Cameron and Chase, apart from random scenes of Cameron in the ER or Chase in surgery. In the episodes Ugly and No More Mr. Nice Guy, we see insecurities from both sides of the relationship. Because of the writer's strike, the season was cut short and thought to be the reason that these problems hadn't gotten resolved before the season ended.

In season 5, Chase and Cameron make a few more significant appearances. In the episode The Itch, we see that the couple is having some issues because Cameron is afraid to let Chase in, finally resolved when she gives him a drawer. There are more happy interactions between the two, where they throw around words like wedding and marriage. In the episode Saviors, Cameron postpones her vacation with Chase, to his dismay, to follow a patient she had refereed to House. We discover that Cameron was avoiding Chase because found out that he was going to to propose and she was scared. After becoming frustrated with Cameron, Chase breaks up with her and she finally tells him that she found the ring and that although she doesn't expect him to propose anymore that she hopes he will. And he then does.

There's a mess of a storyline that causes the couple to break up again because Cameron has some doubts but they make up and get married at the end of the season 5 finale, Both Sides Now.

Ironically, even though the fandom is canon, they are often forgotten about and not considered a real threat against "Hameron." But it doesn't really matter because Chameron are married and they're just jealous.
"Chameron are MARRIED! MARRIED!"
by NotStolenFlowers August 12, 2009
Chameron is the relationship name for the couple Robert Chase and Allison Cameron of the TV Show House. As shown in the House, the relationship is actual in the TV series.
Chameron is so much better and likely than Hameron.
by azngirl313 July 25, 2009
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