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An honorary for someone you know very well and love, but also respect.
Beana-chama! You are the bestest friend a girl could ever have!! :D
by BlairNite October 10, 2010

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A guy with shaggy hair and tight pants, showing signs of a higher intelligence.
What a Chamas! I really wanna cut his hair. He thinks he knows everything!
by E-Gonja December 07, 2010
A phrase used by African-American people to clown on Cambodians with.

The phrase, "Chyea, ma" was originally used by a young bi-racial (African-American and Cambodian) girl in Seattle to say "Yes" to her Cambodian grandmother, who she refers to as "Mom" (ma). While saying this in front of a young African-American female from Tacoma, she realized this was the easiest thing to say and began to address Cambodian's around Seattle as, "Cha ma."
Cambodian girl: I really want some fried rice
African-American girl: Man, that is so Cha Ma of you to say.

Cambodian girl: I wore socks with my flip-flops to school today.
African American girl: That's some Cha Ma shit.
by emmdeezee September 09, 2010