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high on cocaine
I got a line yesterday so i think i'm just gonna go home and chalk up
by justin April 16, 2003

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to man up, to make a heroic effort, a reference to weightlifters and gymnasts putting chalk on their hands before sticking the landing, lifting 900 lbs., to win a gold medal
I know you are really hung over, but you need to chalk up and hit this party with me.
by IrishMike March 11, 2009
Can be used in a number ways and have varied meanings.
1. To pull a chick
2. To get something for someone
3. Going out/tuning a girl
1. "Did you chalk up that chick last night?, she was toe"
2. "Oi, chalk us up a beer can ya?"
3. "Yeh I'm chalking her up these days", "I've been chalking her, but I'm not getting to far"
by PG November 13, 2003