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Chalamps <noun> Synonyms: Anything you want

"Chalamps" is a non-word. It represents whatever you want it to. Most often the listener/ listeners in your conversation will derive from it whatever meaning he/she wills. Please see the example for further clarity.
Please note the following examples are all tried and tested:

Two people talking. One guy wants to leave.

"Hey man I gotta get going I've got a Chalamps, and it can't wait."

"Oh, er, ok... Cool. Later"

The point of Chalamps is to use it to achieve whatever goal you desire, conversationally. It works especially well when harassed by salesmen. They will never admit they do not understand the word, so instead let you go, feeling awkward:

Girl selling drinks:

"Hey guys do you wanna buy a shot of patrone?"

"I'm sorry love, my throat's burning because I've got a chalamps and Patrone would just aggravate it."

Chalamps should be used to stimulate your creativity further as you become more adept at using it:

"Hey man, you can't park here!"

"Oh no it's fine, I spoke to Peter, and he told me if I came to drop off the Chalamps before 12 or after 1, I could, but had to make it quick otherwise the Chloon elasticity would degrade, obviously."
by Adabisi, the violent June 28, 2010
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