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A frustrating chair that someone has carelessly left blocking a narrow hall, aisle, or other seat.
I tried to make it through the aisle but someone stupidly left a chairricade in the middle so I had to go around.
by Shmebber November 08, 2009
noun: A barricade made up in its entirety by chairs (or other similar sitting devices)

verb: (to chairricade): the act of setting up a chairricade.
Holy crap! Zombies! Set up a chairricade NOW!

We're chairricaded in! There's no way out!
by Nannah Yelir April 14, 2009
(n) - A barricade made of chairs.
(v) - To make a chairricade.
(n) - Aaron went to leave, but the door was blocked by a chairricade.

(v) - To prevent Aaron from leaving, Slagathor chairricaded the exit.
by KFJNT October 05, 2009