The amount of time you are allowed or wish to play Modern Warfare 2 in an uniterrupted block of time. The period of time in which you play Modern Warfare 2.
Please don't bother me, I have very little chair time and am trying to prestige.
by Owl In Dee Navy June 18, 2010
Top Definition
Sitting back in your favorite chair (or any comfortable chair) and receiving oral sex from your significant other.
"Honey, do you think I could have a little chairtime later?"
by mvd916 October 13, 2011
The time alotted for a man or woman to receive a lap dance from a stripper. And in most cases, if the recipient and dancer are lucky, the dance will involve a lot of two way contact and be especially dirty.
Nikki sure is giving that guy a lot of chair time.

That stripper is my favorite. She gives you a lot of chair time.

Me and my girl were up all night having some quality chair time.
by L. Morte February 24, 2011
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