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An amazing rap group from the little town of Mattawan (The Twan), Michigan Located right out of Kalamazoo, MI (K-Zoo). Their hit song "Cypher" is making its way to the top!
Matt- Yo, whatchu listenin to?
Kevin- Dude! Its the Chain Gang!
Matt- That's some good music!
by K-ZoOcYpHeR May 26, 2013
6 4
prison, prison system
From Plies song '100 years'. "...I'm tired of losing all my n****s to the chain gang"
by walk-d January 24, 2008
58 25
when receiving a blowjob from multiple girls and at the point of orgasm you lay one solid rope across all the girls
I was getting head from these ho's and I chain ganged them bitches
by TheBigCC March 04, 2010
30 21
When a group of guys each have their dicks in the guy in front of him
We had a chain gang yesterday
John was fucking Jimmy
Jimmy was fucking Alex
Alex was fucking Sean
Sean was fucking Kyle
Kyle was fucking Matthew
by gayboiz December 04, 2013
2 0
Current WWE Champion John Cena's fan group; composed largely (but not exclusively) of teen girls.
The Chain Gang was out tonight as John Cena got a huge entrance pop.
by John Big June 30, 2005
83 85
when two or more four-wheel drive trucks connect chains to one truck immersed in mud. usually during mud riding.
"John's truck is stuck!"

"Looks like were gonna have to pull a chain gang! Yeehaw!"
by Rich! February 24, 2009
1 34
A group of the seven most amazing girls known to this world. They sing Jibbs "Chain Hang Low" wherever they travel to. This group is quite official; they even have a uniform consisting of little boys tshits and 24 inch chains. This group of gangers share this bond; its amazing. They have had the greatest coach for their cross country seasons.
" ya chain hang low, do it wobble to da floor..." is what the chain gang sings.
by A fellow ganger February 22, 2007
10 73