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Name for a jewish boy who usually is not so tall but hot as fuck! Girls get wet immediately when they look at him and crave his big cock. A chaim is also smart, sweet, intelligent, muscular, and an all around perfect guy. If you know a chaim then hold on to him and his cock. Chaim's are also mad homies with his boys and form the tightest crews. Everyone wants to be chaim!
Boy #1 "My boy chaim is the fucking man!"

Girl #1 "OMG there he is right there! I'm so wet right now! I want him!"

Boy #1 "haha ye thats ma dude"

Girl #2 "Ya but he smokes weed"

Boy #1 and Girl #1 "fuck outta here, you don't know shit about Chaim!"
by Imafterthebitchontopofme101010 August 30, 2012
the hebrew word for life. chaim is also a very common jewish name, and most boys named chaim smoke alot of weed and are very full of themselves. some chaims are semi attractive but their shitty personality lowers them to a negative 1000000.
girl #1 -" omg chaim is so hot "
girl #2 -" maybe, but hes a total ass"
by youknowwhoiam10101010010101010 March 13, 2012
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