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A form of poetry that has a total of 18 syllables.
The term is inspired, in part, by the Japanese poetry "Haiku" which usually has 17 syllables.

"Chai" is a Hebrew word denoting "life".
"Chai" also represents the number 18
based on the values of its 2 Hebrew letters.
The number 18 is valued in Jewish culture because of Judaism’s focus on the importance of life.
Monetary gifts are often given in multiples of 18.
The word “Chai” is often displayed on pendants and other items.

"Ju" is a Japanese character and word that refers to flexibility of mind and body to adapt to circumstances spontaneously.

"Ju" also is suggestive of the Jewish nature of the word "Chai".

A Chai-Ju may have any number of lines as long as the number of syllables equals 18. More than one Chai-Ju may be connected to form a longer poem or writing.
Subject matter is virtually unlimited.
Chai-Ju example:
I've won some
and I've lost some.
But for the most part
my life has been awesome.
by SingingRabbi January 02, 2010
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