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n. Actually an acronym, it stands for "Crabs, Herpes, Aids, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis" and is the mother of all sexually transmitted diseases. Contraction essentially equals total genitalia necrosis. Common carriers include crack Ho's, aspiring metrosexuals, niggra'z, and poo pipe perpetrator's. The New England Journal of Medicine states that any and all pharmacological research for cures is pointless. Uber suffering of rectal cheese wire face and the Vader Helmetwith this disease is inevitable.
I dumped my fiancé at the alter, when I noticed she had some sort of cottage cheezy, smegma-dripping stanky chunky puddle of regurgitated afterbirth running out of her vagina, which turned out to be CHAGS. She spontaneously combusted from it 10 minutes later.
by Phenolic December 02, 2003
Someone that you do not know, but presume is a jerk.
"Some chag drank the last soda!"
by Chainsaw Dudley March 31, 2003
Chags stands for "Car Hide And Go Seek", which is a game played just like normal HAGS, but in neighborhoods, with teams of 2 people per car.
"I'm so stoked for CHAGS tonight man!"
by Tizz Mizzle June 13, 2007
stands for "C"limidia, "H"erpys, "A"ids,
"G"hanaria, and "S"yfailis.
yo man what is your damage! you nailed that girl, she has CHAGS. you are some kind of ass clown.
by treovor langley October 17, 2004
a kind of projectile vomit that spews out of the mouth in an arced type format. Often induced by over drinking or over eating.

Invented by L.Taaffe
That drunk bitch just chagged all over my shoes!

Whenever I see that ugly guy i want to chag.

I'm so hungover, but last night was chagtastic!
by awesomepossume123 April 16, 2010
Choke and gag
I like to make her chag when receiving felacio!
by MurelMd September 13, 2010
A shortened version of the phrase "Chinese Fag"
"See that kid over there with the squinty eyes? He's a chag for sure"
by Rico Brizam March 21, 2007