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A big, burly man who likes to hookah and molest young children. His motivation in life is to drink beer and jello wrestle.
Tonight, chadwick is getting shwasted!
by ThattGuy June 02, 2009
14 219
A person who will happily allow another to stay at their dwelling for a limited time without expectations of compensation.
I wasn't certain I'd make it home safely. Thanks for being such a chadwick and letting me crash here.
by D3Flyer October 14, 2012
189 5
1. A guy who will let you crash at his house any day or time... as long as you can sleep through the dance party going on in the living room. He will also make sure you have plenty of beer and tacos before passing out.

2. Someone who loves penguins and zombies.

3. A really smart, funny, sexy guy who has the best laugh and can make anyone feel like they've been friends for years.
That party last night was totally a Chadwick dance party! Lots of booze, pretty girls, and rad dudes!
by Lady Tron December 20, 2010
160 52
A very sexy englishmen with a huge dick that will pleasure any and every girl.
The man with the sexy girl in the green is a real chadwick.
by dangt pedro February 16, 2010
164 194
1.The term for having sexual intercourse with ugly girls after a night of heavy drinking. - Also refered to as 'Pulling a chadders'

2. Consuming large amounts of food in as little time as possible

3. A disgusting creature.
Steve: I had sex with that girl Mandy last night!

John: She was fucking ugly! You pulled a chadders!

Steve: I drank alot.

Mark: I eat 23 cheeseburgers and chips in 6 minutes

Felix: What a chadwick.

Group: You are such a chadwick.
by Man-Iron. October 20, 2011
25 193
Pimp mobile installer who has HUGE TESTICLES that are contain in an even more impressive potato like satchel.
I gotta get CHADWICK to do my install...then teabag my wife.
by Waltoid August 23, 2006
84 267
Cum that dries and sticks bed sheets and the tip of a males dick, forcing him to tear them apart, like a candles wax.
After jacking off I forgot to clean up and I woke up with some chadwick.
by Serman February 27, 2009
58 260
A dick thats wider than it is long
Dude you have a looks like a tree stump
by Mich Elin July 29, 2008
19 223