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A Chadpoleasarous is an amphibious dinosaur species . They are rare, and there is only one known to be living in the United States. They roam the hallways of high-schools, and eat the innocent school children. They are very violent, and choose to stalk their female prey. Chadpoleasari have to remain in the hallways of their high-schools, or else the sun will pierce their weak skin, shriveling their entire bodies. This species chooses homosexual (gay) tendencies even though they usually are caught using cheap dinosaur lines on their sexual subjects. Insecure, though, Chadpolesaurus pretends to be attracted to females. Be warned, this is a cover up. Chadpoleasarous often fantasizes about male Gambacerotops.

“Look at that Chadpoleasarous hitting on that girl! It’s clearly a cover up... i saw him staring at a Gambacerotops earlier..."
by aliancenumberone June 16, 2010
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