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A little guy who likes fish. He loves fish. He smells like fish. He goes fishing. He eats fish. He has sexual intercouse with fish.
Chad has sex with fish.
Chad goes fishing.
Chad is a weirdo.
by CHADLIKESFISH February 06, 2009
An all around amazing person. Super sweet; cares about everybody. Chads know when you're hiding sadness behind your smile, and turn your sadness into happiness. Always there for you, and one of the best huggers ever. Hilarious and inappropriate, and sexy. One bad ass mo fo! Everybody loves Chads.
Girl 1: I'm so sad.

Girl 2: It's okay, I think I see Chad. Go talk to his Hollister booty self. He'll make you feel better with his dirty humor.
by creativepseudonym123 November 29, 2011
Hot, attractive, intelligent male. Known for his all American good looks, dry humor and sarcasm. Funny, witty and modest. Chad is a well rounded, great friend, boyfriend, husband, etc.
He's so perfect, he's such a Chad.
by Smilee121 May 31, 2009
A word used to describe the stereotypical Frat Boy. Derived from Kappa Kappa chad. Spelled with the intentional lower case "c" to highlight the negativity associated with most chads.
"Shit, who let the chads in?"

"I almost ran over a chad today!"
"Shucks, almost?"

by Andrew Ezekiel Michael French December 05, 2007
Chad is chad and I'll chad you.
Man 1: 'That girl over there is chad.'
Man 2: 'Yeah, I'd chad the life out of her, for her.'
by Vondisco8888 May 24, 2011
An amazing guy. Any girl would be lucky to have him. Kind of shy but loving, sweet and caring. Good at soccer and a great kisser. Will never break your heart. Very caring and understanding. He's mine :)
He's so sweet! He is such a chad;)
I love my chad so much
by Brandii320 November 07, 2011
A lovely young man, not a douchebag, with a distinctive laugh. Chads love the outdoors and helping people. Despite their faithfulness in romantic relationships, Chads are magnets for the ladies due to their cute bums. They use their vast knowledge for good instead of evil (most of the time). While Chads are notorious for being right, they are very humble indeed, and sometimes feel bad for needing to be correct so often. Truely, Chads are good people.
Aisley: Did you hear that laugh?
Jessi: I hear it...It must be Chad!
by Ned N. June 17, 2011