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(N) to acquire goods for a ridiculously cheap price.
"Yo, I just CHADed some sick 12 inch kickers for 5 bucks and some pocket lint.
by 01longbeddin January 24, 2010
Male love juice; especially once sprayed upon a chick's face.
Will: "Last night I took Rowena home and chad all over her face!"
Rob: "Sweet..."
by PickleBranston May 13, 2008
A noun used to describe the result of immense amount of man chowder.
"Oh my God, I really want to chad in her face"
by William Burton May 13, 2008
A frat boy. Also referred to as a Bro or Broseph. Derived from the comedy video "Douche Off" by BaratsandBereta.
Steven: "Hey Tom, are you going to the Frat Rush tonight?
Tom: "No man, I'm not going to be a part of that Chad party."
by aarondobbeeeez September 03, 2009
A nice guy that will help you with your problems. Extremely trustworthy and caring. Though unusual at times, he can be cool. Also very attractive and extremely funny, and can see through people lies.
did you see chad? He saved a kitten!
by alice carrik June 20, 2010
The most amazing man you'll ever meet. Charming, funny, generous, sweet, compassionate, understanding, and he listens. We all meet a Chad at least once in our lifetimes. Keep them close in your lives. Even if you can't have one for yourself ;) Chads are blessings and unbelievably amazing, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Chads are so so sexy and very popular with people because they're easy to get along with, so Chads have lots of friends. Chads are honest and are very trustworthy and dependable and you can always count on a Chad.
He's so funny and understanding! He's such a Chad! :)
by SuicidalMickeyMouse August 18, 2010
The meaning of the name Chad is: Defense warrior
The origin of the name Chad is believed to be Celtic
C: The positive personality traits: Highly Sociable, Inspiring, Excellent Vocal communication skills, Motivational, Fun loving, Creative and Imaginative ,Versatile. The more negative personality traits apt in some circumstances to be as: Easily Bored - has trouble finishing projects, Prone to exaggerating, Sensitive to criticism, Irresponsible, Disorganized, Can be moody and emotional.
H: The positive personality traits: A natural leader, a strong decision maker, Inspiring and Intuitive, Ambitious and Powerful, A Visionary with a persevering and pioneering spirit, Analytical and Factual, Generous. The more negative personality traits apt in some circumstances to be as: Dominant, Formal, Arrogant, Stern with a bad temper at times, Manipulative, Money Conscious, can be a gambler.
A: The positive personality traits: A strong leader, who is highly competitive, Self Sufficient, Ambitious, Pioneering spirit, Inventive, Commands respect. The more negative personality traits apt in some circumstances to be as: Ruthless, Stubborn, Arrogant, Impatient, Dominant, Risk Taker.
D: The positive personality traits: Highly practical - likes to get things done, Realistic, Traditional, Systematic and Organized, Solid and Reliable, Honest and Dependable. The more negative personality traits apt in some circumstances to be as: Serious, Rigid, Bossy, Judgmental, Inflexible, Overly cautious.
Chad = ^_^
by Jinx_1337 July 30, 2011