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a females private part that is exreamly hairy.
dude megan had the worst cha chie i have ever seen.. i think i even saw some dandruff
by yaseen aka yasasin December 27, 2006
A big behind the times dork that tries to hard to be hip, accepted, "cool".
Why are all the chachies trying to buy me drinks, cant they see I am a hottie and will not give them the time of day?
by Amy Z August 04, 2004
In guyanese terms, your huband's sister. (Chacha for your husband's brother.)
Meh chachie propah dance up at de party lass nite!!!
by bud-ee shamu June 28, 2006
A passive-aggressive bitch. Sort of a 'bitchette' as it were. A spinoff from biotchand biatch.

Commonly combined with 'ho', as in, chachie ho.
Girl 1: My boss Linda won't just come out and say she hates me. She just acts all snippy.

Girl 2: What a chachie.
by tangerine February 22, 2004
When a guy fingers a girl both in the vagina and the anus at the same time.
"Hey sweetie let me do chachie to you to night!"
by poop November 02, 2004