chocolate chip cookie
"they have chookies and cinnamon rolls in the cafeteria now"
by Logan L. May 20, 2008
derived from Chookiesaur.
A cute, irresistable, affectionate individual.
I love you Chookie baby.
by Chooks August 08, 2005
A Kickass Bruvva who pulls MASSIVE Endos and is a Wheelie GOD.
He is a GREAT looking bloke and is often referred to as a celebrity.
ChOOkiE is the BOMB YO!
I want to have ChOOkiE's babies!
Damn that ChOOkiE is FINE!
by Westside AIIIT May 14, 2004
-shorthand for a chicken in the japanese culture, and therefore the greatest creature ever created.

-cute and cuddly and deserve to be loved!

-often pictured as white, fluffy chickens with mohawks, recently detailed in the blog.
My roommate said she would feed the chookies, but didn't!

Dude, your chookie is the cutest thing ever.
by CSL-er November 10, 2009
n. Another term used for one moving their bowels shit
Tom! Did you chookie your pants??
by Frazier May 26, 2006
v. A term often used to substitute the term "to dookie" or "to shit" esp. your pants.
"Tom! Did you chookie your pants?"
by Frazier May 25, 2006
To get drunk really easily.cadbury

To dance like a muppet
shit dawg your hella chookie

yo shiznit you doing a chookie right now
by Ace January 19, 2005

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