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ChMe, which is short for Chaito Meale or "Warrior Spirit," is a fledgling Tabletop RPG which is unique in that it is not based on Tolkien lore, and there is no spellcasting or magic system, both of which are aspects found in almost every other tabletop RPG ever devised.

It was developed between 2000 Summer and 2003 Winter, which is the only known fact about the game other than the rules themselves. ChMe appears in the form of twenty-seven pages of plain text, handwritten neatly (some suggest by a woman), which divulge the core mechanics and rules of the system, but do not include supplements such as monster or equipment description. The last three pages seem detached from the rest, and possibly incomplete, as they discuss some campaign setting and briefly explain the origins of the system. The original pages have never been circulated, only copies have.

It has escaped internet scrutiny due to multiple facts...
•It is passed around by word of mouth and pink-colored xerox copies, and no other method.
•It is unprofessional, meaning it was not devised by a company.
•The person or persons who created the system remain thus-far anonymous, resulting in two phenomenon. Firstly, multiple people claiming ownership. Secondly, every time it is played and passed on, those who participated change it just a little bit, so it is ever-evolving and useless to catalouge.

The twenty-seven page ChMe guide has a printed footnote on every page that reads, "Please do not mass-distribute, alter or sell the afforementioned. The Creator(s) of this system will not now, nor ever reveal their identity." with "Are You Living in the Real world?" superimposed by means of what one can only assume as the original xeroxing of the doccuments.
"In ChMe, if your character possesses the Superfluous Speed aspect, it can assume double it's Initiative Parameter in place of the normal IP + d10 at the begining of any round of combat."
by Wind February 21, 2005
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