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Ceute is the universal word explaining everything that is interesting to any good user of said word; Ceute can be considered a compliment, or a derogatory term. The meaning of the word ceute is based on who or what is describing, and the tone of the word. On occasion, people have been caught using the word 'ceute' in place of everyday words. The reason for this is unknown, but some believe it is a form of 'secret code' that only a good friend of the speaker would be able to understand, as they would have to guess what the actual word is. The word 'ceute' is often used in a joking manner, although it is occasionally used in serious conversations.
Girl 1: "Look at that guy with the unibrow!"
Girl 2: "OH HE'S CEUTE!"

Boy: 'You are CEUTE!"

Best friend 1: "Can you pass the ceute?"
Best friend 2: 'Sure, here."
Best friend 1: "Thank you"
by Superceutie December 23, 2010
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