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Cetin is an acronym referring to a new method of recording date and time.


The cetin code is often referred to with a number, such as "cetin 8" meaning an 8 digit cetin code, or "cetin 12" meaning a 12 digit cetin code.

The order of the digits proceeds from larger to smaller denominations of time. (4 digits for year, 2 for month, 2 for day, 2 for hour, 2 for minute, 2 for seconds, 1 for tenths of a second, etc.)

The cetin code is preferable to older methods of recording time and date for two major reasons:

1. If sorted by a computer, it would be sorted into the correct order, with no more than basic programming, whereas a traditional American style like 11/22/1980 or the European style 22/11/1980 would end up in non-linear order if sorted by a computer.

2. Because the cetin code requires no punctuation, it can be rapidly entered into databases using "ten key" typing.
A cetin 8 code for Nov. 22 1980 would be 19801122

A cetin 12 code would also include the time of day, for instance if we were to refer to the same day at 1:38PM the code would be 198011221338
by Caleb Cain November 11, 2007
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