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The name Cesaria comes from Latin, Italian and French. Its meaning is a form of Cesare. In Portuguese it means hairy.

A girl who is kind and smart. She can be a little self centered but she will always be there for you. She is crazy but not in a bad way. Shes an athlete, loves sports. Shes not with the popular people but not with the nerd shes in the middle. She has a big mouth an will share her feelings.She will text you everyday, shes loyal. When you need her the most she'll be there. Cesarias make great best friends.
I love Cesaria, shes so nice.

Hey did you see that, Cesaria just defended that person.

Wow that Cesaria, shes a keeper.

I miss Cesaria, she was so much fun to be around.

Cesaria is so crazy.
by Awesomegrly11 December 27, 2010
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