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A rare but beautiful given name of Welsh orgin. often mispronounced as (Ci-russ) but pronounced (KEH-riss)... This name means love, & I think this name is very pretty
My girlfriend from England is named Cerys
by Mr. Morales May 08, 2008
this name is derived from the welsh word 'love'. a girl named cerys is usually very beautiful, and academically gifted. someone very caring and loving, and PERFECT
cerys is perfect
by saminj October 14, 2013
Cerys is a bad ass bitch, doesn't always show it but has a naughty streak and can be a little trouble maker at times.

she is a surprisingly intelligent yet sexy blonde female with a ghetto booty who loves to fuck. Cerys is faithful when it comes to relationships, definitely one to marry! she's great in bed, passionate and loving. She is willing to give 100% of herself if she knows she is getting the same back. A cerys is a great listener and the best for advice in any situation. Prefers to stay out of arguments but get on the wrong side of this bitch and she will surely fuck you up. Any lad should be thankful to have a Cerys by his side.
Wow! have you seen the ass on that bitch! she must be a Cerys!
by Bradley Phillips May 17, 2013
Cerys is usually blonde pretty, with a dazzling smile and sparkling eyes. She is normally very intelligent and is kind hearted. You dont want to get on the wrong side of her though she can be quite feisty but is always elegant and skinny
"Oh here comes cerys!"
by kool girl247931 October 31, 2013
Cerys is a female Welsh name, often pronounced 'Sir-reese' but the correct pronounciation is 'Ker-reese'. In anchient times this name depicted beauty and intelligence, as well as extreme talent and sensuality. Now days it is a less common name and often used as a slang word meaning 'hot piece of ass'.
Whoa, I was driving up your street and saw a Cerys jogging past!
by Cerysiepoosbesty May 01, 2011
Cerys is a loving girl with a gental hart , even though a Cerys might come a cross as strong but has a deeper softer side. Cerys will fall in love early and be Brocken early too. Cerys is a beautiful brown haired girl with a curvy body and beautiful lips .
Cerys is full of love
by Dreaming June 02, 2015
Cerys is a beautiful woman that comes across as sweet, caring and innocent. she can easy wrap any guy around her finger and take over his life. if you come across a cerys never ever start an argument with her she makes you feel guilty and always blames and accuses you. cerys is great in bed but thats about it. she needs to learn to not treat guys like a crap and guys need to approach with caution.
"Run for the hills homie she's a cerys"

"But she seems really sweet"

"Oh no homie you've been cerysed"
by Suarez ate my hampster November 26, 2015
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