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Pronounced: Centre-course. This word derives from an adaptation of the word intercourse to explain a dating phenomenon found at Centre College.

1. Noun. A purely physical, sexual relationship. One that based around regular "hook ups," but has little emotional substance. While there may be the pretense of a relationship, this is little more than a cover for one, or both partners. Often associated with binge drinking and/or Greek Row.

2. Verb. To engage in a regularly occurring act of monogamous, serial-monogamous, or guiltless sex.
Example 1
Person One: Are John Doe and that girl in a serious relationship?

Person Two: No way, they just get drunk and have sex. It's totally centrecourse.

Person One: Wow, could have fooled me.

Example 2
The two centercoursed for weeks before realizing that they had never spoken to each other sober, except occasionally through text messages or facebook.
by Chubs'woodenhand June 03, 2009
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