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Newly discovered Mythic Humanoid

it is a half centaur half mermaid.
Goats horns, horse's skull, human body, horses hoves and fishes tail.

It is a mythological creature made up of a few different mythological creatures: Satyr, Centaur, Tikbalang and Mermaid.

History of Centaurmaid:
Lives under the sea but once a year comes out into the forest.
Centaurmaids are said to scare travelers and lead them astray.
The legend of the centaurmaid was told to children to scare them because it was said that the queen centaurmaid's children were killed by evil mermen so from then on she wanted revenge by devouring other children..if she couldn't have children-no one could.

The reality:
This creature is a made up sculpture of a mythological creature created by an art student.
What is it?
It's half centaur half mermaid's a centaurmaid!

You art students are crazy!
by WandaPanda June 27, 2011
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