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One with a unique name. May be really sensitive, but really fun and out-going. If you ignore her, she'll be bothered, but just keep talking to her and you'll never lose you. Probably the nicest person you'll ever meet. A very spiritual person. A person who will never let you go and loves to keep friends around.
Person 1: -leaves group-
Celsa: NO D8
Person 1: -comes back-
Celsa: YAY 8D
by ItzBreezy December 27, 2013
A human being who is beautiful, awesome, talented, loving, caring, an amazing singer, a bundle of joy, cute, fashionable, funny, sexy , girly, a great friend, best friend, fake sister, original, and born to be a star.
Cassie: Celsa is amazing
Celsa: No I'm not
Cassie: Of course you are. After all you are a celsa.
by alyssa rock December 27, 2013
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