Dirty bastards who sell phones, the lastest, the greatest, sexy phones and employees that will make any chicks ovarys pop with the sensation only fat kids eating cupcakes give.
"Cellcoms Employees Make Me Feel Like A Cub Scout At Neverland Ranch"
by Mclovin HardCock October 10, 2007
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Rat bastards who sell cellular devices, labeled as the hitlers of today, young men who are so intent on making money they give people deals that would make michael jackson scream. these people are sexy mother fuckers whos souls are blackened with dealing with greesy donkeys who want everything for free. it is said that the first child of a cellcom associate will be reincarnated as the true child of satan and will one day reak havoc on the world, this has of yet to happen.
that rat bastard must be a cellcommer! he j-poked my sister and never called her again.

last night was magical until the jerk gave me the old salty pirate! what does he think he's a cellcommer!
by billybobcellcom October 24, 2007

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