The invisible force field that makes cell-phone conversations inaudible to everyone else.
"Sorry, you're breaking up . . . What? . . . I said, HOW'S THAT URINARY TRACT INFECTION HEALING? . . . What? . . . No, of course no one can hear me -- I'm surrounded by the cell membrane."
by Leeuwenhoek April 17, 2010
Top Definition
A: In biology, the Cell Membrane is a thin layer between the surrounding area and the cell's inside. It consists of Phospholipides (Soapy molecules) and Cholesterol (The Anti-advertised body chemical) and a whole lot of proteins. Theoretically, it's liquid. the fact the body doesn't collapse is just because of the hard skin on the outside and the hard bones and some gelitine and solid proteins inside.

B: For internet lolz and retard understanding, see the other description
There are thousands of proteins in and on the Cell Membrane of just a simple muscle cell.
by ChromeLynx April 30, 2010
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