The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Very passionate and loving. Also very caring. She's there for you when you need her. She's not perfect, buts she's absolutely worth it.
She is so pretty but not a celines
by Celines KayLee February 05, 2015
To "pull a Celine" is to make a random ass comment with no relation to the topic at hand.
Charlize -"Hey guys, where do you want to go for dinner? "
Kenny- "let's watched Pinocchio."
Charlize- "you just pulled a Celine."
by Harrison_B August 10, 2015
Usually a girl that is completely out of her mind. Likes drama. Starts drama. She does this because she's insecure and really only wants to get laid. She is too embarrassed to get laid because she has an ugly vagina though.
"Celine is such a crazy bitch"
"Celine has a mudflap"
Celine: "I hate everyone!"
by MeSoSorny February 10, 2014
A term used to define a person who drives even slower than a "Leon"
I would have arrived 30 minutes earlier if I wasn't stuck behind that Celine on the highway!"
by superchauffeur March 24, 2010
A really childish and surprisingly manipulative girl. Thrives on immaturity and will never take responsibility for anything, but she's crazy and wild in the sack!
"So how are things going with your girlfriend?"
"Man, she's driving me crazy. She somehow cons me into doing all sorts of bullshit for her by pulling a Celine."
"What a manipulative cunt. Why do you put up with it?"
"She fucks like her life depended on it."
by Austen Bridger May 09, 2008
One that has droopy eyes and usually dates ppl more than once (about 8 times). She also enjoys talking in weird voices that no one really likes and telling ppl that have a lot of pimples that they look like the Fourth of July. Usually cheats on a person but plays it off as them being "friends."
Wow, Celine said she was just friends with you. What the hell?!
by Chaz Michaels March 31, 2008
An ugly person that pretends to be pretty by putting a lot of make up on. Overreacts like hell and never says sorry. Dates guys because she bribes them into it. Very immature and thinks she's smart. Naive and stupid, will beieve anything you'll make her think. Very mean and has friends that hate her and then leave her after a while. Too organized and expects everything to be perfect while she's the actual bitch.
"Oh! Is that Celine?!"
"Great! Now our day is ruined!"
by starmyshoulders February 13, 2010
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