Celina is a small town in midwest Ohio. This town may be one of the worst ever. It contains a lake that paralyzis people; a school system that even the teachers hate; weather that can't ever go right; and construction that can somehow mess everything up.
I went to Celina the other day and decided that I'd be better off in the small city of Coldwater, which is right next to it!
by Spit.Fire February 22, 2011
Top Definition
Related name to a cool, beautiful woman of captivating eyes, generally very good dancer, a girl that every man would like to marry her, sexy and sensual. Usually she is a pleasant woman although she claims to be cold.

yo: Man! this girl is a total Celina
javier: yeah! she´s gorgeous, i love her belly dance tho
yo: I´m in love with her!!
javier: Me too dude!!, me too...
by javidraco September 19, 2006
someone beautiful, who's out-going, amazing personality, knows how to kick ass when she has to, fun to have around, has HUGE chubby cheeks, big eyes that you can get lost in, 4' 11" and 3/4, adorable voice that i can hear for hours over the phone, adorable face that i'll never get tired of seeing, someone i truly love, my best friend, my girlfriend, my fiance, my everything.
-are you eating something?

-no, i'm just Celina. my cheeks are naturally big.
by sne23 December 06, 2010
A kind girl who seems shy at first. She has brown or black hair and amazing eyes. She is a great friend and is very loyal. Every once in a while she will do something that surprises you. She is mhsterious and when you think about ityou don't know much about her past. She is very strong in what she believes and will love people with all her heart. She is intelligent and knows things that most people don't.
Wow, I never realized how well Celina could sing, I never expected that.
by smile all day all night :) December 24, 2013
A girl that is beautiful and spontaneous. Loves to make inside jokes with friends. Loves everyone equally. Amazing and awesome! :) the baddest bitch of them all.
Andrew- that girl right there is so beautiful!

Katherine- I know right he is one of my best friends!!! She is so amazing! Her name is Celina!
by Yo mommaaaaa November 18, 2012
someone beautiful, amazing personality, knows how to kick ass when she has to, fun to have around, has HUGE chubby cheeks, eyes that you can get lost in, can make you smile when your sad, adorable voice that you can hear for hours over the phone, adorable face that you will never get tired of seeing, someone you truly love, your best friend, your everything.
What's her name? she is so wonderful!

-Oh dude, thats Celina

No wonder she is so amazing.
by glambam05 March 15, 2011
A dance BEAST. She can jerk on your mom's face if she wanted to.
Daym, did you see Celina doin the stanky leg ?!
by K Phan April 14, 2009
A small town in Texas that has one hell of a High School football team. Everyone else complains that they recruit players, but when the rubber meets the road other teams know that they have been pwned by a bunch of kids with leetsauce running through their veins.
Man that score got way outta hand! You have been Celina'd!
by Bobcat Benny December 13, 2006
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