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(v) or (n) the act of intentionally giving the false appearance that you are Celibate and Abstaining from sexual activity for the express purpose of luring an attractive woman of good moral fiber to want to have sex with you. This act is believed to accomplish two primary objectives:

1) allow the Woman to lower her defenses, having deemed you to be of no threat to her sexuality

2) Create an alluring challenge to the Woman, whose own animal instincts tell her that she must "show you the ropes" sexually

This particular act is considered a "long term" courting, but if done correctly yields a great prize, the unblemished sexual experience of a lifetime!

Pitfalls to this action can be complete and absolute sexual frustration, sprinkled with a slight bit of disdain or Long Term Commitment, in worst case scenarios.
Uses as a verb:
Guy 1: Hey bro, what are you doing tonight?
Guy 2: I am going to church tonight with this smoking, Hot chick named Mandy. I am having to CeliBait her so that I can get into those panties!!!

Guy 1: Ahh, is it worth all the effort?
Guy 2: No...But it will be when I'm tappin' that Ass!
by Billy BottleService January 05, 2011
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