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A disconcerting, blank stare that makes it seem like the person is staring at some vague spot up on the ceiling.
Audrina Patridge may have had her lips plumped, but can't she do anything about her ceiling eyes?
by jayms82 December 19, 2008
Perez Hilton's nickname for Audrina Patridge of "The Hills" fame. Probably because in most pictures it looks like she's looking up at something
"Us Weekly is planning on putting the feud between Beef Curtains (Lauren Conrad) and Ceiling Eyes on their new cover."
by Heather (Ya Know) October 06, 2008
An ambient pop band from San Francisco
I love ceiling eyes.
by LATANA January 21, 2013
When your irises are apparently too small to reach the bottom of your eye socket.

Audrina Patridge has ceiling eyes.
by blackeyezz December 19, 2008

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