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A lurker of prison showers, seeking pray to unleash his Anal Rampage on.
The innocent new inmate to the prison quietly cleansed himself alone in the cold jail showers.Cefe3 spotted the new meat and moved in. He thrust powerfully into the anal region of the man in the shower. Unfortunately Cefe's target made the mistake of resisting, which incited's Cefe3's ANAL RAMPAGE.
by Michael423 December 08, 2007

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A lurker of prison showers, hoping to find pray to unleash Anal Rampage on.
Cefe3 watched carefully as the newcomer to the prison dropped the soap, and ever so slowly bent all the way down to pick it up. Cefe moved in, but his pray resisted, which induced Cefe3's anal rampage.
by Penisluvr December 03, 2007