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A legendary freshman dorm on Stanford Campus. Specifically refers to the 2007-2008 group.
Stanford Student 1: Man, I wish I lived in Cedro.
Stanford Student 2: Yeah, Cedro is the shit.
by fm.k February 11, 2008
An all freshman dorm located at Stanford University, specifically in the Wilbur complex. This dorm is known for crazy parties and massive bangers. Some of the dopest people to go through Stanford University have lived in Cedro.
hot girl 1: Are you going to Cedro tonight?
hot girl 2: Of course, they always have the hottest boys and sickest beats.

non-cedro resident: damn, i wish i lived in Cedro, my life is awful without their ever-flowing fun times
by maddyallnatt October 08, 2012

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