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An online celebrity. Rarely ever actually famous, but often wildly popular on sites like Youtube or Twitter. Sometimes has a blog where they share their "deep, dark secrets" with the internet world.
Wow, Alex started up his fourth blog, second Youtube channel, just joined Twitter, and already has 4,568,653 viewers. He's becoming quite the ceWebrity.

guy: oh man, did you read Rob Anderson's blog yesterday?
girl: no, should i have?
guy: well... not really. He's only a CeWebrity.
by broadwaybaby729 August 02, 2009
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Any individual who has achieved internet fame. Many have a fan base but are unknown to the general mainstream society. Scene queens are known as being cewebrities.
- derived from "web" and "celebrity."

Internet noob-OMG that guy looks so familiar who is he?

Kewl Chick-Have you been living under a rock? That's none other than Mister Motherfucking Erick! He became a cewebrity on myspace for his constant whoring. He's practically Jeffree Star!

internet noob-Oh snap! Think we could get a picture to show our friends who have no idea who he is?

Kewl Chick- oh noez, he's WAY too cool for us.
by Mr.Motherfucking Erick April 14, 2009
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Have you seen that kid from Holy crap he's poppin up everywhere including conan o'brien...when did he become a cewebrity?
by dkonstruxion August 20, 2006
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A person who is only famous or became famous primarily on the internet.
Thanks to her Youtube video, that chick is a cewebrity!
by Jeph S. April 02, 2011
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