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Ferocious is the new fierce of course. The gay community monopolized the usage of the word fierce to describe all things exceptionally fashionable, "cunty", attractive, cutting edge, fantastic, eye-opening and attention worthy. Ferocious is the new and updated version of fierce. Its harder and edgier. Wonderful. Beyond expectation
Ex.1: Did you just see the way she walked into the party with her stiletto heels and kicked her scumbag cheating BF to the curb in front of everyone? she's ferocious.

Ex. 2: What do you mean you scored us comped front row seats to the Madonna concert? You're ferocious.
by dkonstruxion August 20, 2006
A term used to descirbe the creative process and movement influenced by surrealism, pop art, futurism and post-modernism as experienced in the digital age. The continual process in which art in one form of media is disassembled, rephotographed and reconstituted to make art in another form of media and so on and so forth, thus it continually " loses a generation" all the while creating a crossplatform composition.
Is that a digital photo or a painting? Was that photoshopped? Was that poem handwritten or scanned? I think there's a whole lot of dkonstruxion goin on with that image.
by dkonstruxion August 20, 2006
an internet personality that has attained celebrity
Have you seen that kid from pixieland.org? Holy crap he's poppin up everywhere including conan o'brien...when did he become a cewebrity?
by dkonstruxion August 20, 2006
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