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The Ccosmonaut is the beautifully fiery pint sized jewel of the west country. Also known as Duvets, Momo, Moarweiner and variations thereof- Ccosmonaut is witty, hilarious and sexually confused. The Ccosmonaut is always the life of the party. Having spent a substantial amount of the last two years bonding, when online she is often found conversing with Jinxieminx, Phlyarologist, Claireapillar and canoodling with Lovebullets behind Njord's back.
Jinxieminx; Dude, I had a dream last night that you were cheating on Justin with Ccosmonaut.

Lovebullets; Baby, that's no dream, that's reality.
#inb4ccosmonaughty #jinxieminx #lovebullets #phlyarologist #njord #claireapillar #cherrybobbins
by Jinxieminx November 27, 2011
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