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Cayton is a very sensitive guy who is amazing. He is very shy and nerdy when you first meet a Cayton, but after that he'll blow your mind.

Cayton has many talents from academic talents to writing talents, as well as talents in games like Magic: The Gathering. He excels in everything he does and loves to help out friends.
1: who's that? he's like a freakin' genius but he barely talks.
2: that must be Cayton.
by gAlgOnEwIld April 26, 2011
the act of eating a ton of cake during sex. So your partner doesn't gain weight from the experience many people yell "MEGA PUNCH!" right before climaxing and punch their partner in the gut, making them vomit profusely.
"yo man i think im gonna cayton my girlfriend tonight."

"you're a sick fuck, you know that?"

"haha ya"
by bboy vibes March 07, 2010
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