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the most amazing beautiful best friend in the world. She is so likable its crazy. We have everything in common. Love ya!
Person 1:Wow she's looks like a really cool person.

Person 2: That's my bff Cayley
by extravagantmagoes December 08, 2012
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A pirate that scours the seven seas. If you are unlucky enough to meet a Cayley on the ocean, expect to be in Davy Jones locker within a matter of moments.

This unique type of pirate will also send a grown man to his knees with just a mere glare. So beware of any Cayley's you may encounter.
Landlubber: Is it true that a Cayley has killed over 1000 men?

Knowledgeable Pirate: Mate, try doubling that.
by Lion Whoa man September 05, 2010
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the f*ing sexxiieesstt girl i know
iloveher so much daymm
she is ma b*tch
cayley is so tight
by kkooolllxxx February 05, 2009
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UNF, the sexiest lady to ever walk duh earfttt.
she is so pretty, and hawt. stalkers 24/7 breh.
don't fuck wit dis gurl, bekawz she iz a beast and will kill you. baack awf mmkaie.
girl 1: OMFG cayley is so pretty.
girl 2: you will never have be as good as cayley.
girl 3: cayley will lead this world into peace and happiness.
by cumoverhur August 02, 2011
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