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the coolest chick you'll ever see.. maybe even lucky to meet. hahah
i want to be Caylan.
by Karli April 02, 2005
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An awesome girl who everyone loves. Usually runs for student council president if she's still in school. Has brown-ish hair, and is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal hawt. Yo. Usually really fun to be around, and you're lucky to meet one. Usually flirty, but also really intelligent and deep.
Sam: I WOULD %^&*&^*^&*%^%$ THAT CHICK.
Joe: That is Caylan.
by Spenzer August 21, 2011
girls with big lips who think its fun to get with as many boys possible, especially boys who have girlfriends. see huge lips.
Wow that girl must be having an alergic reaction, her lips have grown to twice the natural size... she's such a caylan.
by roadmaptotheautomotiveworld June 09, 2005

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