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he is a pedo!
wow my dog is such a cayl!
#pedo #dog #pedodog #stupid #ugh
by ZombieKittyftw March 07, 2011
A pedo dog whos face goes crazy and said PEDOOOOO
Wow look that cayl dog over there he looks so weird
#pedodog #pedo #cayl #dog #dawg
by pengus March 06, 2011
A kill is a native creature of Colorado. It is not very smart and likes to spends most of its life alone. Every now and then another species will interact with it but only because they feel sorrow for Cayl. Once a Male Cayl finds another male Cayl they mate with eachother for hours on end. Cayl is a unique creature. The word Cayl has formed in a way of calling someone a loser loner that doesnt do anything with their life.
My friend is being a Cayl, he just sits on his butt and sleeps.
#napolean dynamite #loser #loner stoner #dumb #durrrrrrrr
by nrayray111 November 04, 2010
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