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Caya is a name for girls who love to party. Caya loves to dance and has a positive outlook on life. The only person who can get her down is herself, but Caya will always find a way to bring herself back up. A bit sarcastic and lazy at times, but still a great person.
Caya knows how to pop it, lock it, and put it in her pocket.
by just a friend of poptarts June 12, 2012
Someone who knows how to laugh, they always think of the happy things in life and often enjoy the beauty around them. When they are with someone they love dearly they will make sure they have a happy time. They are really loyal and also know how to lift other's spirits and are the most selfless people out there. They are usually very very kind but once someone says the wrong thing they can hold a grudge for a very long time and often end up doing that person 10x the damage. They are awesome at at partying. They are very beautiful but they have a hard time grasping the idea. They struggle but they are great at handling it deep down. They love to be loved and the only person that can get one down is others but they pick themselves back up like nothing happened. They are strong in that sense. Oh and they love appreciating beauty in nature. They get a spiritual kick out of it and love nature. They love anything that has the potential to love.
Oh, there's Caya, I bet she appreciates everything lovely in life and encourages everyone to let themselves be beautiful.
by leanmeanreadingmachine July 16, 2014
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