someone who goes to UVA, a mix of cavalier and queer because they're queer
Cavaqueer: dude, we beat tech in a women's lacrosse scrimmage
me: yea, but tech kicks your ass in football...'nuff said
by cf April 19, 2006
The GM built Cavalier, Not all cavaliers are Cavaqueers, just those that are "riced out"
Yo man, check out that phat leet Cavaqueer! It's like blingin with the rims, and check out those stylin interior neons!
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
A poorly built car by General motors, called the cavalier. It cannot be called anything else than a cavaqueer because it is such a terrible car. Anyone who likes them is simply ignorant to quality, and has never driven anything but a cheap chevy.
Jimbob " boy dat cavaqueer is some quick"
buck tooth billy "oh yea cavaqueer, best automobile ever"
by mike26 February 04, 2008

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