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A family name originating from the small island of Mauritius. Often confused with the Italian or French spellings such as: Cavallo or Cavalo.

Anyone with this last name is completely awsome. You can trust a Cavalot to be able to have plenty of fun, they are very loud and outgoing. Their Mauritian background takes the sexy body of a European (from the previous French occupants) and mixes it with the olive skin of the Indian slaves brought to work in the Mauritian fields. What does this equal? A family full of sexy beasts. The Cavalot family are now spread throughout the world with members in Canada, France, and Australia as well as the island itself. So if you're looking for a friend who has it all; the personality, the looks and just a bit of zest to add to your life, check out the Cavalots. They never disappoint ;)
Girlfriend: Hey babe, did you hear? There's a new girl in our class and apparently she's a Cavalot.

Boyfriend: Really? Hmmmmm...did i mention i was braking up with you?

by Green_Eagle June 18, 2011
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