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copying what someone else is doing(imitating them)
"what you catting me for "?
by Esk1boy October 03, 2003
109 96
To desire a drug, usually after a night on it, or on a comedown. - Strong colloquialism.
Mate, ever since last night i've been catting for coke.
by xander89 November 23, 2010
46 34
To be desperately in need of something.
To have "the jones."
Blud, I haven't had a cigarette since this morning. I'm catting for a fag.
by Bartleby Tidders December 07, 2005
65 53
To place obnoxious amounts of pictures of cats in high-traffic, public areas. Most typically done in anime, comic book, sci-fi, or similar conventions.
I've been catting elevators all day, it's time to go outside and do more catting.
by MeiLien August 09, 2011
14 13
To animalise oneself. Acting like a cat. Going out on the tiles, being furry, luxurious and nefarious.
Often done with pals.
Jim: 'I'm a cat, you're a cat - let's go catting?'
Steph: 'Honk honk honk honk honk.'
by tgrmtry July 02, 2013
0 1
In the video game "Left 4 Dead", Catting is when somebody splits away from the team and runs for the saferoom. When somebody "Cats", they stop at nothing to make it to the saferoom. This includes disregarding fallen teammates, dodging Tanks, and hiding.
"We are getting swarmed back here! Save yourself and Cat it!"

"The last Tank is down! Let's make a Cat for it!"

"Get the survivor off on his own! He's Catting!"
by wubang3r November 29, 2009
15 16
When an individual randomly exchanges a cute picture of their cat to another person. The person who recieved the picture of the cat is expected to send a picture of their cat. This process goes on and on until someone gives up. When one goes three days without sending a picture of their cat, they lose. If the other person does not own a cat, it is their responsibility to find one to take the picture of.
Shelby: *sends picture of cat*

Joe: *sends another picture of cat*


Joe: Shelby, you lose the game of catting!
by TLWhitson808 January 22, 2012
3 6